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Why Seagra Products?

STSR-X RAID V Fibre Channel Array SYSteam
Why Seagra Products?
STSR-X is available in Fail-Safe(Redundancy) and RAID V
configurations with high-performance “”SAN-Ready” fibre interface.
A Word About Compatibility
SEAGRA maintains all STSR-X disk arrays are subjects to exhaustive and on-going compatibility tests. SEAGRA maintains
an extensive compatibility test lab equipped with the lasts content creation gear. SEAGRA dedication
to supporting third-party content creation tools empowers STSR_X RAID V users to focus on their
creative endeavors, not on technical issues.
RAID V Striped Array Technology
SEAGRA Storage Solutions, RAID V striped array support high-bandwidth applications yet cost less then
lower performance just-a-bunch-of-disk (JBOD) solutions .These disk array are ideal for the content creator who needs a high performance solution that can get the job done at the lowest $/GB
Fail-Safe (Redundant Arrays)
SEAGRA’s fail-safe arrays offer the highest levels of performance while protecting the content stored
on the array. These RAID- protected STSR-X will continue to operate with no loss of data and at full performance in the unlikely event of a disk drive failure. The perfect solution for the professional user who needs the ultimate in performance and data security. SEAGRA’s fail-safe disk arrays are the industry’s lowest cost fault tolerant storage solutions.
Our Highest Performance Striped Disk Array
STSR-X RAID V disk arrays feature a fast single 4G fibre Channel interface and support the leading
professional digital content creation systems -from DV to HD and everything in between.
Protects Your Content
With STSR-X Raid V, a disk drive failure is not a catastrophic event . The system will continue to operate
without loss of data and at full performance should a drive fail within the unit. This enables the completion of work
in progress without requiring immediate drive replacement . To replace a drive, simply swap
out the bad drive module and the array will automatically begin a background reconstruction. Costly
downtime is eliminated since the system is fully functional during the rebuild process. Once the rebuild
is completed, STSR-X RAID V resumes the protection of your valuable content.

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